Scottish Werebear: A New Beginning

Scottish Werebear: A New Beginning
Series: Scottish Werebears, Book 4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tags: Also in Audio, Now Available
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 1530985447

Ever since his delusions about randomly turning into a bear began, Matt Argyle kept to himself. But when curvaceous beauty Leah Hudson moves in next door, his carefully orchestrated reclusive life changes. In order to get to know her, Matt must also learn some important truths about himself.

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About the Book

When Leah Hudson moves into her new bungalow in a quiet suburb of Glasgow, she’s ready for a fresh start. No more night shifts at the call center, instead, she’ll pour all her energy into her budding Internet business. All seems perfectly idyllic, and she’s even starting to connect to her reclusive but attractive neighbor, Matt. But trouble has a habit of finding Leah, and soon she’ll find that her new life isn’t as quiet and simple as she had hoped.

Matthew Argyle has been keeping to himself ever since developing delusions about turning into a bear against his will. He doesn’t even leave the house, except to spend time in his backyard when the neighborhood sleeps. The arrival of a new neighbor, Leah, throws his carefully orchestrated life into a tailspin. He can’t ignore the attraction, yet he’s unwilling to subject her to his crazy.

One night, everything changes yet again. Matt must decide which is more important: staying in his comfort zone, or coming to the rescue of the woman he’s begun to love.

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