Out Now – Alexander’s Blood Bride Audiobook

Alexander’s Blood Bride (Vampires of London Book 1) is now available in audio format! I think it’s turned out amazing; while reviewing the final files I simply adored how the narrator, Gethyn Edwards, brought the various characters to life. But don’t take my word for it, just listen to the sample above and you’ll know what I’m talking about…

About Alexander’s Blood Bride:

When Cat ends up at a Halloween party hosted by the mysteriously handsome and super rich Alexander Broderick, the last thing she expects is to become the object of his desire. Although she gets spooked and runs, she doesn’t yet understand the extent of his dangerous secret: Alexander, and a number of his guests, are vampires. And Cat’s blood is unlike anything they’ve smelled before. It isn’t long before every vampire in London wants a piece of Cat and only Alexander can keep her safe. There’s only one catch: she smells so delicious that even he is having a hard time controlling his cravings.

Grab a copy and listen now:

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Gethyn Edwards is an up and coming new British narrator, with a growing track record in top romance titles.
Reviewers describe his work as “emotionally charged”, “compelling”, and “a pleasure to listen to”. Visit his Facebook Page for more information.

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